What we do


The Nuba Mountains Peoples’ foundation, (NMP Foundation) is a non –governmental and non-profit making organization of Indigenous Nuba peoples of South kordofan – Sudan, working:

To reaffirm our faith in fundamental human rights, in the dignity and worth of the human person, in the equal rights of men and women and of our Nuba Mountains peoples, large and small; who have made the Nuba Mountains their first homeland,
To establish conditions under which justice and respect for the obligations arising from our national constitution  customs and from international law can be maintained, and To promote social progress and better standards of life among our peoples,


  • To respect our diversity,
  • To practice tolerance and work together as good neighbors
  • To unite our strength to maintain our security, and protect our peoples from ethnic cleansing,
  • To employ national, regional and international machinery for the protection and promotion of human rights of our peoples and for promoting and realizing lasting peace, development and prosperity  in the Nuba Mountains.

Program Priorities

  1. Implementation of the U.N. Declaration on the –Rights of Indigenous Peoples and adoption of a strong Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Nuba Peoples of Sudan
  2. Participating in the Working Group on Indigenous Populations, (WGIP) to raise the awareness of the United Nations about the human rights situation of the indigenous Nuba peoples in the Nuba Mountains / South Kordofan and across Sudan
  3. Human Rights Training, Capacity-building and Mentorship to enable the Nuba peoples to implement their rights under the UN declaration for the rights of indigenous peoples
  4. Communications, Outreach, Networking and Alliance Building.
  5. Responding to threats and violations of Indigenous Peoples’ rights including:
  • Right to self-governance, autonomy or self-determination and Free Prior Informed Consent with regard to exploitation of Nuba Mountains’ land and resources
  • Monitoring and documenting cases of violations of human rights, crimes of war in the Nuba Mountains, forced displacements, arbitrary detention and torture
  • Seeking redress for victims of human rights violation committed against the Nuba peoples in the Nuba Mountains and across Sudan and in neighboring countries
  • Health & Environmental and safety impacts of land mines, mining, deforestation and desertification.
  • Food & Subsistence Rights.
  • Racism & Racial Discrimination.
  • Violations of customary laws, Land & Water Rights.
  • Cultural Rights, Religious Freedom, intellectual property rights such as Traditional and ecological Knowledge, language, etc
  • Indigenous Women & Children’s rights
  • right to education and economic development

Human Rights

Promoting and protecting human rights

The foundation core activities are on promotion and protection of human rights for the people of Nuba Mounatains through means such as

  • Networking with other indigenous peoples and human rights organizations and lobbying own government and international non-governmental organizations and providing information to special Rapporteurs of the Human Rights Commission
  • A list of Special Rapporteurs can be found on the OHCHR Website; {www.unhchr.ch} under (OHCHR Programmes)
  • Taking Urgent Action (procedures under extra- conventional Mechanism) by sending the request to the Special Rapporteurs concerned as outlined above
  • Making a complaint under (The 1503 Procedure) relating to
  • Acts of discrimination
  • Unfair trial, Torture
  • Killings by government authorities
  • Arbitrary detentions
  • Violent repression of demonstrations
    • Raising human rights concerns of the peoples of the Nuba Mountains through participation in international forums to encourage them to take legal procedures and complaints available under the UN Treaty Bodies dealing with:
  • Civil and political rights
  • Economic, Social and Political rights
  • Racial discrimination, gender discrimination and torture
  • Children’s rights

You can find out about the status of Sudan ratification of the principal International Human Rights Treaties through: www.unhchr.ch under OHCHR Programmes, Conventional Mechanisms. Also you can download the full text of Treaties on www.unhchr.ch under ‘’Treaties’’ and under concluding observations of the treaty bodies. It’s worth noting that ICCPR, (international convention on civil and political rights) CERD, (Convention for the elimination of racial discrimination) CAT (convention against terror, and CEDAW (Convention on elimination of discrimination against women) are human rights conventions with complaints procedures whereas ICESCR, CRC are treaties without complaint procedures. Indigenous peoples as a group can make complaints under the Convention for the elimination of Racial Discrimination, (CERD) to the relevant Committee, there are standard formats to be followed.

The United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples

We aspire as an organization for the Nuba indigenous peoples and all the people of the Nuba Mountains to raise their awareness of their rights under the UN Declaration, with particular emphasis on the promotion and protection of:

  • Rights to survival, political and cultural identity and control over resources
  • The right to preserve and develop the Nuba peoples cultural characteristics and distinct identities
  • Ownership and use of traditional lands and natural resources
  • Protection against genocide

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