• About Nuba People
    Nuba is a collective term used here for the peoples who inhabit the Nuba Mountains of South Kordofan state
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    Help to educate the children of the Nuba Mountains
  • Conflict in the Nuba Mountains
    After some earlier incursions by the SPLA, the Second Sudanese Civil War started full scale in the Nuba Mountains when the Volcano Battalion of the SPLA under the command of the Nuba Yousif Kuwa Mekki and Abdel Aziz Adam al-Hillu entered the Nuba Mountains


 NMP Background Information

  1. Download document 1 (Indigenous people and the UN system )
  2. Download document 2 (Indigenous people and the UN human right system)
  3. Download document 3 (The UN charter – pased system )
  4. Download document 4 (Human rights treaty bodies and indigenous people)
  5. Download document 5 (The draft UN declaration )
  6. Download document 6 (The permanent forum on indigenous issues)
  7. Download document 7 (The international decade of the world indigenous people)
  8. Download document 8 (The ILO and indigenous and tribal peoples)
  9. Download document 9 (Indigenous children and youth)
  10. Download document 10 (Indigenous peoples and the environment)
  11. Download document 11 (UN DP and indigenous peoples)
  12. Download document 12 (WIPO and indigenous peoples)
  13. Download document 13 (Application of ILO  convention number 169)
  14. Download document 14 (Human rights for indigenous people)
  15. Download document 15 (Indigenous useful UN web resources)

Key issues affecting indigenous peoples

This section is composed of a table that seeks to synthesize some of the key issues relating to indigenous peoples and the guiding human rights principles that address them.

The issues addressed include:

  • Self-determination
  • Lands, territories and natural resources
  • Traditional knowledge
  • Health
  • Education
  • Indigenous women
  • Indigenous children and youth
  • Capacity development and employment

Download the full Summary document


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